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Teacher in charge of Computer Center in School has a major role to play in all IT activities of the School. He/she has the task of guiding the IT activities of the School - primarily to coordinate the teaching of IT in School as well as making use of IT to enhance the learning/teaching of all other subjects.

Another task is to put the School in the World Map by publishing the School's Home Page in the Internet. SchoolNet offers hosting facilities for all schools and other organizations connected to SchoolNet.


How to publish your Schools Web Site in SchoolNet:

Once you have prepared the web site for the School, follow the steps given below to publish your web site in SchoolNet servers.

If you have not already applied for a domain name for your school, do it first. (Apply for a domain name for your School)

If you have done this, the you will already have a username (login name) and a password.

Access to your hosting space is given through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you are not familiar with FTP, please search the Internet and there are many FTP online documents. One such reference is available from Web Monkey – “FTP for Beginners” 

For Microsoft Windows Users:

  1. Download FileZilla.exe from here (
  2. Install FileZilla in your computer and run it.
  3. There will be four fields to be filled by you. Use following details to fill them.
  4. Host :
  5. Username : your username [Domain Administrator log in name]
  6. Password : your password
  7. Port : 21

Provide above details and click “quick connect” to connect the the server.

After a while (if the information you have provided is accurate),  you will be able to see the remote site space in your right hand side of the screen and your computer data in left hand side of your screen.

Just drag and drop the web site you have prepared (saved in your local computer) to this folder  OR right click on local site data and click upload. Then your data will be uploaded to the server. Make sure that the remote site has "index.html" or "index.htm" file.

Once you have copied the web site, log out from the Filezilla and open your Internet Browser (Firefox/Netscape or Internet Explorer) and type your Schools web page "".

For Unix/Linux Users:

FTP client is present in any Unix/Linux installation. These clients are generally command line programs.  Depending on your installation, you might have a GUI for your FTP client.  Consult the documentation that comes with your Unix/Linux OS on how to use the FTP client.

Your Schools Web Site should appear in the browser. Congratulations!!! Your School has an Internet Presence Now. Everyone in the World will have access to your School Web Page.



The following is a list of resource pages for you to get started:

If you find good tutorials, please do share with others and send those links to admin at


Help Desk
SchoolNet National Help Desk:
011-2 650 650
011-2 650 652
011-7 650 600 - 7

Fax: 011-2650652

helpdesk [at] schoolnet [dot] lk

SLT Line Faults:
011-2 381 381
011-2 029 696 (VPN)

Dialog Line Faults:
011-7 100 200


Do you feel that the data connection is slow?

Your web access speed depends on many factors, mainly, :

  • Your link speed to IP-VPN (i...

How to check your SchoolNet Internet connection is working

We can use basic ping command...


Publish Your School Web Page

This is an open request to ALL persons in charge of Computer Labs...

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