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List of Educational Organizations hosting web sites @ SchoolNet Sri Lanka

One of the main services offered by SchoolNet Sri Lanka is web hosting facility.  In order to make use of this facility, an educational organization in Sri Lanka needs to apply for a sub domain under domain.  Once the domain name is reserved,  the applicant organizations can enjoy the following key services offered by SchoolNet:

  1.  The hosting facility offered by SchoolNet can be used to host the web site
  2. use of email facilities with their own domain names. E.g. A school can give email addresses to all its teaching staff, administrative staf, all students and even past students.

The link given below contains the list of  organizations that have applied for domain names. Some of these organizations have gone forward by developing their web sites and some are yet to do it.  You will find the links to already hosted web sites.

Please note that this list does not contain all the places connected to SchoolNet (as at 26th May 2014 this standa approx. 1800) but those who have applied for domain names - the primary means getting online visibility.


Links to all Zonal and Provincial Education offices are separately given. 



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Do you feel that the data connection is slow?

Your web access speed depends on many factors, mainly, :

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How to check your SchoolNet Internet connection is working

We can use basic ping command...


Publish Your School Web Page

This is an open request to ALL persons in charge of Computer Labs...

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